What happened yesterday at the Greek embassy.

Yesterday London Anti-Fascists as part of the international call out,
attended the picket of the Greek embassy. After spending a few hours
scouting the area for vermin, we made our way to the well attended 
demo,called by Unite Against Fascism. There was a small to the point 
of embarrassing counter demo, called by a group “British Friends of
Golden Dawn” who in fact turned out to be a handful of NF and BNP 
heads(12- 15),who were safely escorted to a protest pen by the 
police, and safely escorted out and directly onto a train again 
after about 40 minutes of “giving it the big ‘un”, There were a few 
attempts made to get at them, but 
the cops quickly stepped in and pushed people back in with the uaf 
crowd. The fit teams were on the case identifying game comrades too. 
Even though no one managed to get at them a few well placed snow balls
 added to the humiliation of their already comedic counter demo.

The picket was attended by about 300 people, which about 40 – 50 
were up for it, which was a positive sign.  While the scum that 
turned up may well have considered it a victory, a handful of them 
facing down the reds, the truth is that if about 15 people are all 
the traditional far right can muster in London, it’s pretty pathetic, 
and absolutely no attempt was made by them to get out of their pen 
or away from the police. What was also interesting these people 
claimed to be nazis too, which showed a break from the EDL politics 
of recent years. For anti fascists we’d have to call it a scoreless 
draw - there were plenty of people up for it, but no real 
opportunity to take advantage of that.  NEXT TIME!

In the meantime check out the rogues gallery of fash that turned up 


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