IC1 (the bonehead band) are playing in East London on Saturday.

Ic1 are due to be playing the monsters of oi fest this saturday in Barking East London. What’s the beef i hear you asking? Well Ic1 are an oi band who have played for fascists in the uk, abroad and also have a member from Notorious Neo-nazi skinhead band from back in the day razor’s edge who have such hits as ‘oi monkey’. Albeit now not so keen to wear their politics on their sleeves these days like their sister secret nazi band, tattooed mother fuckers. Who are essentially notorious r.a.c band English Rose reformed, with not so in yer face lyrics. Don’t be fooled these bands are far from ‘non’ political tag they claim, as surely a band who has no political interests wouldn’t normally deem it acceptable to play a gig in Italy for notorious Italian fascist skinhead organization ‘venito fronte skinheads’. We also did some homework on the organizers aswell one of which has a facebook background image of ‘anti-antifa’ (bonehead crib of anti-fascist aesthetics) with a nice Otto Strasserite black flag (old school nazi offshoot that has become trendy again in the far right) to boot! Which really shows the true face of the type of people coming to this event. Uaf have called a demo opposing this bizarrely at 8pm despite this starting at 8pm we intend to be there too.

Like we have said before always travel in a group to actions and be alert as there’s gonna be alot of drunk 80’s blood and honour throw backs lurking about the area no doubt.

The venue is The Boleyn Pub, Barking Road, London, E6. – telephone 02084722182. All are welcome to attend! The Boleyn probably would appreciate the warning that nazis are due to converge on their pub and will hopefully pull this gig.