Fight Fascism – from the street to the state – No Borders Call Out to oppose the EVF in Croydon

On 27th July, the English Volunteer Force (EVF) – a far right group – plan on demonstrating against ‘Islamification and mass immigration’ outside Lunar House, the UK Border Agency HQ in Croydon. We will be there to oppose their racist demagoguery and to show solidarity with migrants.

A group of antifascists consisting of the SWP/UAF, PCS representatives from the UK Border Agency, and others intend to hold a counter-demonstration. However, joining forces with anyone from the UK Border Agency – whether the thugs in uniform or the ones in suits – is collaboration with institutionalised racism. It is a betrayal to all those who have suffered directly or indirectly as a result of its work and merely serves to legitimise state racism.

As with fascism, the state’s apparatus of immigration control:

– Illegalises an entire population based on arbitrary laws and perceived otherness
– Keeps this population in constant fear of discovery, disqualifying them from access to the basics of survival available to others, such as work, benefits, emergency shelter
– Tears apart families, friends and lovers
– Reduces human lives to a chain of numbers
– Maintains a system of surveillance and reporting, with arbitrary and serious penalties for non-compliance
– Indefinitely incarcerates 3300 people at any one time, including children, in its many detention facilities
– Relentlessly collectively expels unwanted people
– Inflicts widespread physical and psychological harm, and sometimes death upon these communities
– Naturalises its practices to the extent that few question its legitimacy

The UK Border Agency cannot be reformed. This is a call for all radical anti-fascists to recognise and oppose both state- and street- sponsored racism on 27th July and beyond. We call on people to join us in front of Lunar House at 11.30am on 27th July, to stand in solidarity with migrants going through the hell of the deportation machine, and against the fascism of the far right the EVF.

See you in the streets.
No Borders London

In memory of all those who have lost their lives at the hands of UKBA
staff or hired thugs. To name a few:

Jackie Nanyonjo
Khalid Shahzad
Alois Dvorzac
Jimmy Mubenga
Prince Kwabena Fosu
Brian Dalrymple
Muhammed Shuket
Eliud Nguli Nyenze
Bereket Yohannes
Manuel Bravo
Ramazan Kumluca
Kenny Peter
Tran Quang Tung
Sergey Barnuyck
Kabeya Dimuka-Bijoux
Olga Blaskevica
Mikhail Bognarchuk
Robertas Grabys
Kimpua Nsimba
Siho Iyiguveni

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