Call Out To Counter Pompey EDL Demo: Sat 17th August

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

Portsmouth EDL has announced it’s intention to march in the city on Saturday 17th August.

This time they are upset as they have found out that a disused building in Portsmouth has been sold to someone who is going to turn it into an Islamic School (click link for the site). There are quite a few people who do not like the idea of private schools, or religious schools for that matter, but the fact is that if it was any other religion the EDL wouldn’t care (have you ever seen them outside a Catholic School?) – They see this as an opportunity to stir up racial tensions in our city, just another stick to beat our peaceful Muslim neighbors with. Ironically it was only a few weeks ago that they where jumping up and down over an issue with Muslim kids observing Ramadan at Charles Dickens School, but when…

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