National Anti-Fascist Call Out to oppose the EDL in Slough!

This is an Anti-Fascist Network call out to oppose the Royal Berkshire EDL division call to march in Slough on Saturday the 1st of February.

Join us standing against them.

The EDL say they are not racist, but their record proves otherwise. They easily expand the target of their hatred to anyone who isn’t white, to immigrants and those who don’t fit their crude definition of ‘English’. Their supporters have gone on the rampage and violently attacked Asian owned businesses, trade unionists, and have been convicted of arson attacks on mosques.

Who are the EDL?

The EDL are part of a wider shift to the (far) right in British politics that scapegoats Islam and immigrants for the problems we face. They want society to return back to a mythical “golden age” where everyone knew their place. This is fantasy and nonsense. The EDL are a product of misinformation and lies fed through over a decade of anti-muslim, anti-immigrant scare stories in the tabloids and papers like the Daily Mail. Whenever and wherever the EDL have marched unopposed, they run amok and attack people.

In the last half year, there has been a sharp rise in racist attacks and attacks against mosques, including firebombs and nail bombs. EDL marches are helping create and sustain a climate where such attacks are possible, giving confidence to the attackers by making them think they are a part of a growing popular movement. It is important that we stand up and stand united against their presence.

Stand up united against the EDL

The EDL are coming to Slough to try and intimidate, harass and bully people from minority backgrounds in the town, while also boosting their own egos. We need to stand up and unite to send them a clear message that their message of hate is not welcome on our streets.

We will be assembling from 11am to 4pm in Salt Hill Park.


More info to come nearer the date…

Facebook Event: Join the AFN Bloc – Slough


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