From London to Slough – Coaches announced!

In just over a week, the Anti-Fascist Network will mobilise to oppose the English Defence Leagues first national demonstration of the year in Slough on the 1st February 2014. We are calling on all anti-fascists in London to come with us to Slough to support the locally organised counter demonstration which will take place at 11am Salt Hill Park. Its important that we continue the pressure against the EDL, and other far-right and racist organisations, and that we close down their space to move and cause division amongst working class people.


Join London anti-fascists and UCL students, as we go together to Slough to stand up and unite to send the EDL a clear message that their message of hate is not welcome on our streets.

Meet outside the Bloomsbury Theatre at 8:40am on Saturday 1st February. The coach will depart at 9am sharp, and we will head to Salt Hill Park in Slough to assemble at 11am. The coach will depart from Slough at 5:20PM. Please arrive on time so that your name can be checked off the list. Details will not be passed on to any 3rd party.

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Please forward this email far and wide.

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See you on the streets!

London Anti-Fascists


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