Britain First is anti working class

Anyone that has worked a minimum wage job will know that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much profit you create for your company you will not see a penny of it. This, however, is not the view of the fascist grouplet Britain First who recently shared this image:


Underneath in the comments section there are numerous angry ‘supporters’ who assumed that this party was the party of the ‘white working class’, the party that would liberate them from Jewish bankers, immigrants and whoever else the right wishes to scapegoat for the misery of working class people. And things certainly are miserable for us, I work in a well known british coffee chain three days a week while doing a full time degree and I barely make enough to pay the rent, meanwhile my stores profit has rocketed by 19% on last year in a time of recession. What we have seen since the financial crash is massive profits for the rich and a squeeze on wages and conditions for working class people like myself that has pushed us into living a hand to mouth existence. In response to this the right and the far right has gone into overdrive blaming this crisis on everything from ‘health tourism’ to cheap Romanian labour driving wages down.

What we see in both the Britain First example and the stories in the rightwing media is a very simple fact, they are both against the interests of the working class. It doesn’t matter how Paul Golding talks, the flat cap he wears or his appeals to the white working class, he does not represent you. When the far right say cut immigration, we say raise the minimum wage. When the rightwing press say cut back on migrants taking benefits we say tax the rich. When they all say they will make Britain rule the waves again, we say let the working class rule.

Our antifascism is working class unity, it is first and foremost in defence of working class interests and it is for the realisation of working class power. In contrast, groups like Britain First are nothing but a razorblade in the hands of the bosses.

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