Boycott Cakes N’ Treats – Vegan Cake Shop in Camden

London Anti-Fascists were notified in September 2013 by local residents who had raised concerns about the link between the premises and the new owner Kim Kalkowski (aka Kim Wonderland). They were raised after several people from Germany had posted allegations about her links to Neo-Nazis on the Facebook event she had created to publicise the opening of their new “Cakes n Treats” shop on Pratt Street, Camden.

We looked further into these allegations and discovered a number of sites in Germany which reaffirmed them and provided detailed photos showing Kim Kalkowski and her boyfriend, David, socialising with people with identifiable Neo-Nazi/White Power insignia.

Camden is a mecca for all manner sub-cultures which historically has also included those from the Neo-Nazi/White Power music scene. This still occurs today, to a slightly lesser extent, and we were concerned that the place could again become a magnet again for their obviously Neo-Nazi friends. We believe the presence of racist, organised or not, and those that associate with explicitly racist/white power music scenes pose a direct threat to people of colour and those that take ideological opposition to racist and fascist ideas.

Kim Kalkowski has previously stated that she is opposed to Nazi ideologies, however she still has no problem with hanging out in Camden with known Neo-Nazis. London Anti-Fascists have called for an active Boycott of Cakes n Treats, until we are assured that the links between Kim Kalkowski and the Neo-Nazis are broken.

An article published on Friday 25th July was partly based on intelligence and research provided by London Anti-Fascists

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