Militant Anti-Fascists humiliate Golden Dawn supporters again

Militants from the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) and comrades have once again humiliated Eddie Stampton and Piers Mellor’s band of neo-Nazi misfits as they attempted to show solidarity with Greek fascists Golden Dawn. Under the banner “Freedom for Greek Nationalists” their protest was timed to coincide with the commencement of the trial of the imprisoned leadership of the neo-Nazi party in Greece.

This is the second such protest held by the Golden Dawn fan club in London. Last year we visited their rendezvous point and appropriated their flags and banners – this year we thought we would take a different approach and be ready and waiting for them as they arrived in Holland Park for their protest.

A few early hangers-on were turned away as they arrived at the underground station – one known Golden Dawn supporter was even pitiful enough to claim he was an anti-fascist once he was confronted. He quickly realized it was in his best interest to get back on the tube and make his way home.

The main group of fascists turned up shortly after midday. While Unite against Fascism and Anti-fascist Action For Greece held a static protest adjacent the Embassy, our group took the road which was the most direct route from the tube station to the embassy in an effort to block their protest.

Once the group of 30 or so fascists formed up at outside the station we thought we would make it easier for them to exact revenge for us disposing of two National Front (NF) wreaths earlier in the week, revenge which had been promised on a number of far right forums and websites.

We went down the hill and faced off with them but they were far from interested in making good on their threats and instead refused to move from their position until provided security courtesy of the Metropolitan Police. We carried on holding the road to the Greek Embassy which forced the fascists to take a much longer route under heavy police escort, significantly delaying their rally.

AFN groups then briefly joined the counter-protest, causing the police to block the road between the fascist and anti-fascist protests with two riot vans and a line of TSGs. The fascist protest lasted roughly 40 minutes before being escorted back to the underground and out of the area.

The demonstration was organized by fascist cranks of New Dawn and was supported by Polish fascists from the National Rebirth of Poland, several assorted neo-Nazi boneheads, a couple of members of the South East Alliance and members of the Cyprus sister-party of GD the National Popular Front.

Later in the day, our sources confirmed where the far-right were drinking. Their security dashed inside the pub on sight of the crew of anti-fascists making our way up the road. Stampton was so keen to avoid a repeat of the last time he encountered anti-fascists in Victoria he locked his group in a pub before cowering behind the bar staff!

Eddie Stampton having a break on the pavement, Victoria 2009

We chalk the day up as a success for anti-fascists. The smattering of fascists and neo-Nazis bottled it at every opportunity and cowered behind the police or bar staff at the sight of opposition. We would like to thank all the groups which turned out to make the day such a success.

As revolutionary anti-fascists we see no value in a state ban of parties like Golden Dawn. We do not join in on the call to “Jail Golden Dawn!” but instead recognize they must be smashed off the streets. The political system which creates fascists cannot be their remedy!

Solidarity with Greek Anti-Fascists!

London Anti-Fascists