Shut down the “White Man March” – ALL OUT TO NEWCASTLE – 21st MARCH 2015 ‪#‎No2NationalAction‬

On Saturday 21st March neo-Nazis from across Europe will descend on Newcastle city centre for a protest they have billed as a “White Man March” – part of a coordinated day of action being organised by fascists around the world.

The primary backers of this protest are a group called National Action. They are an openly neo-Nazi youth group, who take inspiration from paramilitary fascist groups in Europe, but we expect the protest to attract all manner of scum from various racist and far-right groups.

National Action have been staging racist protests across the country for the past 18 months, trying to recruit on campuses and online. They produce vile racist propaganda, put up anti-Semitic graffiti and have made numerous attempts to intimidate those who oppose them. This is their first attempt at a large scale public mobilisation. It’s time for us to show loud and clear that the streets are not safe for organised racists, fascists and neo-Nazis. It’s time to stop National Action and their ilk dead in their tracks.

We are calling on anti-fascists from across the UK and beyond to converge on Newcastle and ensure that the “White Man March” is over before the first goose-step. Get together with your comrades, organise, make plans, and get in touch with your local Anti-Fascist Network affiliated group.

More details will be available closer to the date.

London Anti-Fascists / AFN

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