4pm Saturday 4th April
In front of National Gallery
Trafalgar Square (North Side)

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) is the name of an anti-Islamic, anti-left movement in Germany that rose dramatically to prominence after mobilising tens of thousands of white German citizens to their weekly demonstrations. Many of the German far-right participated and formed a large proportion of those that attended. What followed after the demonstrations were racist attacks of migrants and refugees. The story is all too familiar, when reactionaries take to the streets, minorities, non-whites, trade unions and “lefties” become the target of attacks. PEGIDA act as a lobby group aiming to mobilise and spread reactionary support that focuses the target towards a perceived Islamification of the west.


PEGIDA UK are trying to gain ground and mimic the rapid rise of this movement in the UK. Though overshadowed by groups like the EDL, PEGIDA UK is attempting to be a more softer, cuddlier form of xenophobic anti-Islamism but this is obviously just a tactical pretence to not repeat the “mistakes” of the EDL. At the first PEGIDA UK rally in Newcastle we saw many of the usual faces from the BNP, NF and other assorted Neo-nazis. We, anti-fascists and anti-racists in London, need to ensure that this movement is dismantled before it can gain any sort of traction.

All across Europe we have seen the centre ground of representational politics being hollowed out and the emergence of mass right-wing populist parties aiming to use the ever increasing precarious conditions (falling wages, standard of living crisis, zero-hour contracts, social cleansing/gentrification, police repression, disempowerment) to present themselves as the anti-establishment opposition and alternative. All across Europe we have seen that street based fascist movements will support and provide the social base for these parties to gain local and national power.

London Anti-Fascists oppose all forms of reactionary movements – from the streets to the state. We see PEGIDA UK as one manifestation of the unease in society caused by state divide and rule tactics, the stirring up racial and religious hatred in the media and the decline in living standards.

We urge all of our supporters to join us on the streets as part of a mass show of strength against PEGIDA and against all far-right movements.

For a revolutionary movement against capitalist and fascist ideologies.

London Anti-Fascists (AFN)


Join the ALL London Anti-Fascist BLOC
4pm Saturday 4th April
In front of National Gallery, Trafalgar Square (North Side)

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