Kai Murros

– Two infamous neo-Nazi hate preachers are travelling to the UK to speak in London this Saturday.

– Canadian Sebastian E. Ronin and Finn Kai Murros will appear at a secret meeting in the capital.

– The meeting is being organised by Putney-based neo-Nazi Terrence Miles.

On Saturday 3 October two neo-Nazi hate preachers will appear at a secret meeting somewhere in London. The meeting is being organised by the ‘London Forum’ who have recently hosted an international Holocaust denial conference and notorious Holocaust denier David Irving.

Previous meetings have taken place at plush hotels with the location only revealed to select attendees on the day of the event. Polish Neo-Nazi skinheads, organised by Miles, provide security for the events and can frequently be seen standing outside the events while they take place.

Kai Murros is an intellectual Finnish fascist who calls for a Pol Pot style race war. Murros’ talk is titled “National Revolution in England” and promotional material for the event describes him as a “dangerous man for he is a thinker who dares to think outside of the politically correct box”. His talk is billed as telling attendees how to survive and win a race war.

Sebastian E. Ronin is a racist Canadian author who is trying to bring together racists, nationalists and survivalists in preparation for an environmental collapse that he predicts. His talk at the event is titled “National Synergy: 21st century Ethno Nationalism – the next level”. He is the author a book called “Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis”.

Commenting on the event Tom Ascaso, spokesperson for the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) said:

“These neo-Nazi hate preachers should not be spreading their racist message in our city. Everybody who objects to their presence in London should be taking action against them. Neo-Nazis like Murros and Ronin are scum. There is no place for race hate in one of the most multi-racial cities on the planet.”

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