Why we need to shut down the London Forum


The London Forum was started by Jeremy Bedford-Turner and Larry Nunn as a response to the collapse of the BNP and the EDL as a pole of attraction for hardline fascists to meet and listen to renowned international speakers.

The London Forum aims to be the ideological backbone of the contemporary fascist movement in the UK, distancing itself from rowdy alcohol fuelled demonstrations of the EDL but attempting to provide an attraction to the the most serious of former street movements. It has hosted holocaust deniers to anti-Semites, who cynically use the pro-Palestine movement to further their racism, at expensive West London hotel. Creating a fascist platform that seeks to unite all reactionaries that share a hatred for Jews and progressives under one campaign, even hosting the cockroach James Thring who has spoken at pro-Palestine meetings with Corbyn in the past.

Although we have seen much bigger far-right movements before, the London Forum is a fascist form to be concerned about. It began small but has grown to about one hundred people attending their extremely closed and secretive meetings. In addition to this they have expanded their meetings to the south west, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales with plans to expand further. The fascists organising this are some of the original founders of the National Front in the 1970’s and it is clear that they are attempting to found a similar movement with the London Forum. In the 1960’s the National Front was established as a coalition of small groups on the far-right including the League of Empire Loyalists, the BNP, and the Greater Britain Movement. Although this coalition proved to be volatile and problematic the National Front went on to become the largest fascist threat that the UK had faced since the British Union of Fascists in the 1940’s.

It is clear that the intent of these secret discussion groups is to relaunch the fascist movement in the UK and it is essential for the anti-fascist movement to root its opposition to fascism in opposition to these meetings. These are well funded and attended events that have links right across the spectrum of reaction in the UK and must be stopped if we are to oppose the rise of fascism in the future.

(Details of the London Forum have been withheld for operational reasons, however it should be noted that these details add to the evidence of the dangerous and insidious nature of the London Forum).  

If you’d like more information, the Independent produced a good report on the London Forum and the anti-fascist protest that opposed it in February.

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