Revealed: The gang of racists and fascist thugs that are attending the “South East Alliance” march in Cricklewood

After an exhaustive 30 minute intel exercise on who was actually attending the South East Alliance march in Cricklewood on June 14th, we were shocked (not) at the soon to be assembled motley crew. What we can tell from the 130+ attendees on their Facebook event is that the overwhelming majority do not even come from London but all across the UK. A large proportion are loyalists and Rangers “fans”, a few out and out Neo-Nazi’s, toy town racists and queen and country “patriots”. We base our intel on the actually existing comments, friend connection and photographs that adorn their (Facebook) walls. The impression is of a mob of men, with aspirational tendencies for violence, racist and xenophobic behaviour – who haven’t really integrated with the multi-racial society that most of exist in. So, who are these “not racist” patriots coming to bother the good people of Cricklewood on Saturday 14th June?

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Britain First is anti working class

Anyone that has worked a minimum wage job will know that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much profit you create for your company you will not see a penny of it. This, however, is not the view of the fascist grouplet Britain First who recently shared this image:

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Anti-fascism – working class, anti-capitalist or it’s useless

Fascism on the street always grows stronger when capitalism is in crisis. We are going through an unprecedented capitalist crisis where attacks are being made on the pay and conditions of working class people all over the country.

Fascism’s traditional role as the boot boys oref capital is clearly being played out again. Attacking and attempting to divide our class into “deserving indigenous” and “scrounging immigrant” people. Fascism must be understood as an anti working class ideology, which whatever it’s own political aims are, is acting in the interests of the bosses.

No to state bans

Liberal anti fascist groups, ones that count Tory MPs and liberal religious figures as their members, have consistently appealed to Theresa May for fascist marches and demos to be banned. We say that we cannot rely on the same racist state that continually blames the capitalist crises on immigrants and the most vulnerable in society. A state that routinely kills black and working class people, like Mark Duggan and Ian Tomlinson cannot be relied on to tackle fascists. asking for the police and state to ban fascists, shows political cowardice and a lacking of plausible arguments to defeat the arguments of the far right.

Militant anti-fascism: Different tactics, different aims.

The Anti-fascist Network of which London Anti-fascists are a part of was set up 3 years ago to co-ordinate local autonomous antifa groups around the country. The AFN doesn’t believe in merely demonstrating against fascists but physically confronting then when they organise to physically attempt to stop their marches. To ideologically defeat their ideas, not through appealing to Tory and labour politicians, but through creating and aiding grassroots antifascist, anti-capitalist organisations, through mass mobilisation where needed, to smaller actions where necessary,through listening to the genuine concerns of working class people and putting forward answers that don’t ask people to simply vote labour to solve their problems.

This is anti-fascism.

[ leaflet text handed out on UN International Anti-Racism Day in London, March 22nd 2014 ]

How anti-immigrant myths serve the bosses

The relentless diet of anti-migrant hysteria served by the mainstream press for the past few months has been staggering, even by their standards. The Daily Express in particular outdid itself, promising a “crusade” against Bulgarian and Romanian immigration.

But as a study in the Guardian showed, there’s rarely much of a correlation between the headlines and the reality. The study showed that headlines about migrants have increase out of all proportion to the actual levels of immigration, which have tended to rise only slowly, and with the occasional dip.

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BNP organises East London “Food Banks”?

The British National Party has begun organising “food banks” in East London, one of their historic bases of strength and a target for them in next year’s elections.

At the moment the operation is rather meagre — a stall with a few rows of tins — and is undoubtedly mainly organised to give the fascists a photo opportunity and some publicity. But, as elections approach, this type of activity is likely to increase. Anti-fascists will need to be on the lookout.

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