Shut down the “White Man March” – ALL OUT TO NEWCASTLE – 21st MARCH 2015 ‪#‎No2NationalAction‬

On Saturday 21st March neo-Nazis from across Europe will descend on Newcastle city centre for a protest they have billed as a “White Man March” – part of a coordinated day of action being organised by fascists around the world.

The primary backers of this protest are a group called National Action. They are an openly neo-Nazi youth group, who take inspiration from paramilitary fascist groups in Europe, but we expect the protest to attract all manner of scum from various racist and far-right groups.

National Action have been staging racist protests across the country for the past 18 months, trying to recruit on campuses and online. They produce vile racist propaganda, put up anti-Semitic graffiti and have made numerous attempts to intimidate those who oppose them. This is their first attempt at a large scale public mobilisation. It’s time for us to show loud and clear that the streets are not safe for organised racists, fascists and neo-Nazis. It’s time to stop National Action and their ilk dead in their tracks.

We are calling on anti-fascists from across the UK and beyond to converge on Newcastle and ensure that the “White Man March” is over before the first goose-step. Get together with your comrades, organise, make plans, and get in touch with your local Anti-Fascist Network affiliated group.

More details will be available closer to the date.

London Anti-Fascists / AFN

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No one is illegal – oppose the “secure the borders” demo in Dover / Jan 25th

On Sunday 25th January 2015, fascists will gather in both Calais and Dover to “secure our borders”.

The Anti-Fascist Network are calling for a counter demonstration against the fascists and the border.

We call on all anti-fascists and anti-racists to join us on the day to stop the fascists and show solidarity with the people stuck in Calais, fleeing the horrors of war and imperialist intervention.

The dire situation in Calais has been in the news lately due to the deaths of 15 migrants trying to escape to Britain. The majority of people who reside in the so called “jungles” in Calais are fleeing areas of the world torn apart by conflict.

European countries are more than happy to plunder wealth and raw materials from around the world, through exploitation, expropriation and political interference, yet are never willing to take responsibility for the horrific social and economic fallout from their meddling.

Join us in Dover on the 25th, in solidarity with migrants, against the bloodthirsty capitalist system whose endless quest for profit creates horrific human suffering, and against the boot boys of capitalism, the fascists and nazis!

No one is illegal!

For travel from London please contact us at

Anti-Fascist gig cancelled due to Fascist threat on venue / Cash for Anti-Fash: Fundraising Appeal our response!‏

Having proved themselves to be no good on the pavement in recent weeks, the fascist gang calling themselves the ‘Pie & Mash Squad’ have had to use internet activism to threaten a venue in London where an anti-fascist punk gig was being organised for us.

Unfortunately the venue has cancelled due to threats, the second time this has happened in recent months. This is obviously out of our control, but we feel an ideal response is for us to have the last laugh on the matter and are running an online fundraiser instead to raise much needed funds. Its not rocket salad.

No doubt the gig will be rescheduled when another venue is found, but we ask all our anti-fascist and anti-racist comrades to donate money to this appeal and hope we actually earn a few quid more than the the gig would have raised (likely £200). 🙂

Please share far and wide…..No Parmesan!


– Make sure to tick the “make donation anonymously” when you make a donation.
– London Anti-Fascists are a self-financed, volunteer group. Everything we do comes out of our own pocket and time.
– All it really takes is for each of us to donate some money and keep anti-fascism on the streets opposing fascists.

Boycott Cakes N’ Treats – Vegan Cake Shop in Camden

London Anti-Fascists were notified in September 2013 by local residents who had raised concerns about the link between the premises and the new owner Kim Kalkowski (aka Kim Wonderland). They were raised after several people from Germany had posted allegations about her links to Neo-Nazis on the Facebook event she had created to publicise the opening of their new “Cakes n Treats” shop on Pratt Street, Camden.

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