The End of the Unity Project?

London Anti-fascists, along with other AFN groups were in Dover over the weekend to oppose a  far right march and gig. As a group, we have
been consistently mobilising against the South East Alliance and their
leader Paul Pitt since he began his quest to become the fuhrer of the
British Far right through a project he called “Unity Demos”
(imaginative I know). The SEAs mobilisations in Dover have constantly
been shrinking since they failed to smash the antifascist opposition on the 30th January and this time was no different.

The Unity Demos were a project that was billed as being able to
effectively oppose the left on the streets, drawing out many of the
older far right out of retirement in order to ‘smash the reds’ again.
It could be argued that they sensed that the new anti fascist movement
had not been tested on the streets and could be overcome by the use of
extreme violence and force. This led to fascists from all over the
country traveling to Dover, armed and ready to fight. However this
delusion was cruely shattered both in Maidstone services and in Dover
itself when the repeated attacks on anti fascist lines were repulsed,
leading to many injuries. The protracted nature of these engagements
led to an absolute glut of evidence against the Fascists which was
collected by Kent Police.  It was the unwillingness of anti-fascists in Dover to bend to fascist violence that has eroded the
far right’s confidence and led them to have to coordinate with the
police in order to guarantee their right to march. It has led to over
50 of their activists facing jail for one action and it has showed
Paul Pitt to not be the competent leader they had hoped he was. Infact
we would go as far as to say that those 50 people facing long
stretches in prison are their because of his arrogance and ego.

Around thirty were in Dover for what was supposed to be a weekend of
protests and a gig in the evening to raise money for the 50+ facing
charges because of Paul Pitts and Roy Prices tactical errors on the
30th. Its safe to say that numbers falling from the 70 they had at
their previous demonstration is an absolute disaster for the would be
Fuhrer Pitt as more and more groups seem to be abandoning him. This
disaster was only compounded by the fact that two more Fascists were
arrested for offences on the 30th, the irony being that this weekend
was supposed to be used to support those already in prison not funnel
more ‘patriots’ in behind bars.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to spend your weekend in Dover not
achieving anything, to round it off the NF decided to distance itself
from the ‘unity project’ of Pitt, publicly criticizing it for being
‘non white’ and containing ‘race mixers’. This all begs the question,
is this the end for Pitt and the SEA? Well, we think so.

Fight Like a Girl

Barely several hours into this year’s International Women’s Day and the far­-right were already coming out of the woodwork feigning recognition for the annual event. Could it be that they’ve ditched their ideological commitment to re­establishing patriarchy to become progressive advocates of women’s liberation? Or are they just opportunists cynically using women to push an agenda? Earlier that same week in a Facebook post, fascists North West Infidels (NWI), stated that the Suffragettes “fought and died” in vain while the Burka continues to be worn by Muslim women unchallenged in Great Britain.

NWI, like other far right groups, maintain the veil is “oppressive” and if women who cover up refuse to integrate then they should just “go back” to “the barbaric third world” where they came from. Worryingly, UKIP’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, was also pushing the burka ban as his impassioned tweet demonstrated, appealing to a wider public.

Call me a cynic, but I don’t buy it, and I’m counting on the reader for whom this addresses not to need an in depth explanation as to why the far-­right haven’t had a sudden change of heart, and that this is nothing more than a shameless attempt to reassert their racist agenda. Instead, as a disabled, bisexual, woman of colour I want to talk about why fighting fascism is a feminist issue and integral to the working class struggle. If fascism succeeds the rights of women and minority genders will be pushed back along with the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, the LGBT community, and fascism’s political opponents in the Left.


Bizarrely, there has been a concerted effort by some in the far­-right towards a fascism that does in fact celebrate women’s resistance, but of course this is always caveated with a resistance to the emergence of progressive Leftist ideas: those pesky “cultural­Marxists” responsible for the ever encroaching onslaught of “rape­ugees” are among some declared enemies of the far-­right. In an embarrassing attempt to sound intellectual, fascists National Action (NA) published an article making a case for “Fascist Feminism”. They write:

“In a supposedly male dominated world full of sexual exploitation, gender oppression, sexist bias and blatant misogyny, the rising tide of feminine resistance is gathering ever greater momentum. Slim and beautiful, tough and intelligent, a new Cult of the Idisi are taking to the streets under the Lambda and Celtic Cross.”

Admittedly I chuckled when I first read this. But it wasn’t the first time I had come across this ideological trajectory on the far­right. For decades feminist thinkers have been puzzled over the ostensive appeal fascism has had on women, particularly as it is an ideology concerned with the eroding of women’s rights, among the rights of other minorities. The Sky 1 documentary “BNP Wives” was difficult viewing. But a fascist woman is still a fascist. Some groups, such as Pie and Mash Squad, have recently made notably more attempts to glorify female fascist street fighters. Their efforts to draw more women into the movement rests upon the following criteria: that the women are exclusively White European, and that as a woman their value is contingent on their reproductive power.

A fascist woman writes:

“It’s tough being a woman in pro­white circles… I think if white nationalist men are serious about attracting women, they need to offer us real options. Not the one or the otheroption we currently have but something that would allow us to provide for our families and still be involved mothers.”

These contradicting statements reveal a commitment to asserting traditional gender roles, but also a desire for agency and to be taken seriously within the movement. This is really at odds with fascist ideology which is for the most part regressive and concerned with going back toa time where white male Europeans dominated. Fascists historically, and continue to be, committed to the idea that women will only be liberated when they are assigned to their “natural” calling: as mothers, child­rearers, and social reproducers of the men who will further the movement. Notably, the far­right’s preoccupation with themes like blood, soil, trees, the earth, and other symbols of the perceived “natural order of things”[1] demonstrates an ideology that is seeped in essentialist, gendered language. While “Neomasculinity” is a seeminglyburgeoning movement advanced by forever­alone men’s rights activist Roosh V, it is no coincidence that white supremacists are being drawn to his explicitly misogynist

philosophy[2,3]. Neomasculinists maintain that they are resisting the “shame” of being in touch with their ‘masculinity’ as a backlash against #creepingfeminism and pro­queer agendas. This further evidences a clear link between men’s rights activists and an underlying theme in fascist ideology concerned with reverting back totradition and back to “nature”. And this is why women are integral to the fight against fascism.

Far­right attempts to cynically use and continue to objectify women’s bodies in order to push their racist agenda is nothing new, although it is manifesting in seemingly more explicit ways. But their unsubtle efforts to manipulate growing insecurities around the migrant crisis is hard to swallow when we consider some of their actions in recent clashes at Dover. Women comrades on the frontlines confronting Neo­Nazis heard rape threats and vile, misogynist abuse being spouted by the very same fascists feigning concern for the “Oppressed Muslim” woman. Much of this sexism was racialised. Despite the sexist, verbal diarrhea spewing out of the mouths of these fascists, women comrades were undeterred and we defended ourselves effectively through realising our collective power. It should go without saying, the level of gendered and racialised violence reported here is by no means an attempt to warn women and other marginalised people to stay away from such militant anti­fascist actions. You don’t need a gatekeeper who thinks they know what’s best for you to tell you to stay away. Some of the strongest, bravest, and most badass people I have met in our movement are women.

The last thing we need is patronising saviours telling us we don’t have to fight the fascists if we don’t feel up to it. It’s true, we don’t. But for me, it’s not a question of choice. It’s through my very lack of choices and my very lack of privilege that I take risks to defend myself from state violence and fascism. For those who have actively blocked practical solidarity and support to anti­fascist organisations in the name of standing up for women and people of colour you believe are undermined in the movement, you’ve actually made it more dangerous for us to organise. I feel safer on the streets standing with my comrades who I know will risk the imminent threat of state and fascist violence to defend me ­ as I would them ­ than when I’m at a broad Left A­B march walking no more than 10 yards away from a known abuser and sex offender in the movement, surrounded by their mates, enabling their behaviour and subsequently the behaviour of perpetrators of abuse and sexual violence to continue unopposed. Also knowing that, if I were to confront them there and then, the people around me would shout “this is not the time and place!” or demand proof that this person is an abuser. This experience is not unique to me, but akin to the many brilliant women anti­fascists who have echoed similar sentiments.

There is indeed a rich history of women playing an integral part in militant anti­fascism, but you probably won’t read much about it in accounts or history books. Male antifascists are either recognised above all others within the movement (because, guess what?Sexism and gender­bias is endemic!) or our very existences are utterly erased by the more liberal elements in the wider Left who dismiss anti­fascism as a macho mess of white boys who just want a fight.

Let me make one thing clear: violence is notmacho ­ it’s necessary.It’s not reserved just for big, tough looking men. Many women, minority genders, and people of colour are not strangers to defending ourselves against patriarchal violence. This is in no way an attempt to glorify or over­romanticise militant tactics above the sheer level of organising, intelligence gathering, and political campaigning that defends anti­fascism from the state and the far­right. But the very fact is, women and minority genders do a lot of the militant work. We are on the frontlines. We stand with our comrades and break police lines, often putting our bodies at risk of physical violence and at risk of being snatched and arrested. We stand with our comrades when confronting fascists and racists, putting our bodies at risk of imminent threat of physical violence, but successfully driving them back. Whether we fight with our fists or stand strong and shout “NO PASARAN!” we never back down.

I’m a revolutionary. I’m a feminist. I’m an anti­fascist. And I’m a woman. My parents are immigrants part of a diaspora of peoples forced to leave their country of origin because of conflict and poverty. If we were under a fascist government, history shows us my family would be deported and I would be killed because of my political commitment to communism. Fascism needs to be opposed, and working class women and minorities will continue to be at the frontlines of this struggle.




1. Julie V. Gottlieb, and Thomas P. Linehan [eds.] (2004) Culture of Fascism: Visions of the Far Right in B r i t a i n ,T a u r i s & C o L t d : N e w Y o r k , P . 1 8 4

No Nazis in Dover / London Anti-Fascists go to Dover April 2nd

London Anti-Fascists will be supporting the demonstration from Kent Anti-Racist Network to again oppose the presence of neo-nazi groups on our streets.

In January 30th around 220 London Anti-Fascist supporters were prevented from attending the demonstrations due to an incident at Maidstone Service station with around 50 far-right hooligans.

We will be going straight to Dover this time to ensure we get there. Please email us with subject line: COACH2DOVER to secure a place on the coach to our email address:

More details soon.

Please share our Facebook Event

Dover: Wake up call for the left, no victory for nationalism

Anti-fascists blocking the route of the far-right march

Saturday 30 January 2016 in Dover will go down in contemporary history as an occasion when British nationalists, right-wing football hooligans and neo-Nazis joined forces on the streets to demonstrate against immigration and refugees, while launching violent attacks on anti-fascist counter-protestors. What follows is an account of what happened on the day, why we face an increasingly violent far-right street movement, and what we can do to organise together and defeat it.

Refugee crisis explodes

In September last year over 100,000 people marched through central London in solidarity with refugees fleeing war and searching for a better life. It followed months of intense media attention on the largest wave of migration seen in Europe since the Second World War. Every day people watched in horror as the bodies of refugees washed up onto the shores of southern Europe and states did nothing to stop it. In the absence of any humanitarian response from national governments, tens of thousands of ordinary citizens faced the disaster with autonomously organised mutual aid and solidarity.

But not everyone rallied behind those in need. As the crisis deepened, a racist backlash followed: asylum centres were burnt down, refugees were attacked, and border regimes tightened even further. In Britain public attitudes towards providing assistance gradually hardened, specifically among elements of the working class struggling in a tanking economy and facing increased welfare cuts. For the far-right it’s provided fertile ground.

The far-right is getting more organised but so are we

Last month’s rally in Dover was the latest in a series of protests designed to capitalise on this unprecedented crisis. Like the others it was organised in part by Cypriot-born immigrant Paul Pitt (real name Paul Prodromou), Chairman of the South East Alliance (SEA) and a committed racist nationalist who sees no contradiction between his own ethnic roots and his dislike of anything foreign.

Pitt has an obsession with seeking “unity” across the far-right political spectrum. Since the collapse of the English Defence League (EDL) the British far-right has been riven with splits and turf wars and has unraveled into a number of increasingly violent, ideologically extreme splinter groups. These groups often number less than a dozen and regularly fail to mobilise even their own close supporters, but with the current crisis things are clearly changing.

On 12 September 2015 Pitt, together with the National Front (NF) organised a protest in Dover against immigration and refugees, which saw violent clashes between anti-fascists and around 200 far-right activists. After that day we knew how important last month’s protest was going to be. Intelligence suggested that a number of violent racist gangs and individuals were intending to travel. With the NF taking a back seat because of concerns around associating with street violence ahead of an election, the two groups organising the new protest were both splinters from the EDL: the SEA and North West Infidels (NWI). In the end around 14 different far-right groups stated their intention of taking to the streets.

In response the AFN decided that a national mobilisation was needed and began coordinating in cities and regions across the country, including Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton and Sheffield. In London around 350 anti-fascists mobilised and travelled on AFN-organised transport including 6 coaches and several minibuses. This was our biggest mobilisation outside London to date: a demonstration that opposing the racist backlash to the migrant crisis on the streets is absolutely crucial.

Maidstone Services

On the day we took a decision to stop at Maidstone Services before we arrived in Dover so people could stock up on supplies and take toilet breaks. A report of two minibuses of far-right activists was phoned in but at that point it was too late to do anything. People were instructed to stay for a maximum of 15 minutes as we waited for other coaches to meet up. We felt this would be in the interests of everybody’s safety and wellbeing, though in hindsight the risk of bumping into the far-right and it kicking off was too high.

Around 10 minutes into our pitstop, we got a phone call that our sixth coach was just pulling in. Unfortunately, behind it was another coach of around 50-60 hooligans and neo-Nazi skinheads. After staring at us through the windows they began piling off and attacking. At first between six and seven launched into a small anti-fascist crowd. One fascist slipped and fell back-first onto the ground while a woman was punched and kicked. Fists and bottles were launched, and we saw various other weapons emerge: belts, knuckle dusters, koshes, batons, padlocks and chains, all suggesting the group had travelled well prepared for violence. The first attack was successfully repelled and we managed to hold a line to ensure people were protected. With each attack, more and more fascists were severely injured. They lobbed ripped-up bricks, road cones and dustbins but nobody was hit.

Though we can’t say too much, we can conclude that faced with a seasoned mob of Chelsea Headhunters and Combat 18 skinheads, anti-fascists managed to defend themselves bravely, collectively and with dignity, pushing the fascists back onto their coach with their tails between their legs.

One hooligan, emerging with blood dripping from his head, started to smash one of our coaches, by which time most anti-fascists were back onboard wanting to get to Dover. He then walked over to an adjacent coach and used his own blood to paint a swastika on the side of it – which has received widespread media attention. He then smashed a coach full of schoolchildren.

This whole scene lasted about 20 minutes until a small number of police arrived, which slowly grew to several dozen riot police who found more weapons on the fascist coach. It was at that point that around 215 anti-fascists were detained at the service station and prevented from joining our comrades on the streets of Dover. Though this incident led to reduced numbers on the ground in Dover and meant that the blockade we were intending was weakened we note that hundreds of people were willing to come and will be willing to come again.


The goal of the day was clear: bring enough people to the demonstration to block the far-right march in the train station and prevent them from rampaging through Dover. When we heard about our comrades being detained in Maidstone we knew this might not be possible. But it was clear the demo was still going to be big, broad and determined to stop the fascists in their tracks.

A decision was made to block the march on Folkestone Road, a short distance from Dover Priory station where the far-right protest was forming up. Anti-fascists made it to this road with very little trouble and a coalition of AFN, Dover residents, local trade unionists and labour movement activists massed on the road. It was at this point that we knew the game had changed.

A group of 50+ fascists made up of veteran neo-Nazis, far-right football hooligans and EDL supporters moved from the train station, across the grounds of a private school, up Effingham Crescent and into the side of the anti-fascist blockade. It became clear that many of the fascists had no intention of playing the liberal game of marching to demonstrate a point: they had travelled to Dover with the sole purpose of trying to smash their political opposition.

The group who attacked came with bricks, glass bottles, clubs and knives, catching many on the anti-fascist side by surprise. The images which have been shared by the far-right on social media of young people with missing teeth and broken noses were largely from this first volley of bricks and missiles. We don’t believe throwing rocks at kids while standing with neo-Nazis is really something to be proud of is it Roy Price or Darren Shield?

Given the obviously pre-planned nature of the far-right violence which happened it is a credit to all the anti-fascists present that we were able to beat back attacks every time they came at us. Anti-fascists were kettled by police, pelted with rocks and attacked by roving mobs of neo-Nazis but were able to deal with everything thrown at us (pun intended). Furthermore, it has been misrepresented in some places that this was two groups of white men fighting each other, which is simply untrue.

The people who defended the anti-fascist march were from a cross section of society; comrades who are neither cis, het, white or male stood side-by-side at the front alongside comrades from other backgrounds. The disgusting gendered violence of the far-right in Dover will be explored in more detail in a coming article, however it was heartening to hear one female comrade say at the end of the day: “anti-fascism is our space, we created that space through our own collective defence and after the rape threats today, it’s clear that fascism is rooted in patriarchy, more women must take up this cause if we are going to kick back male dominance as well as racism and fascism.”

AFN anti-fascists finished the day by marching into the centre of Dover where we were later joined by trade unionists, Kent anti-racists and others to the cries of “No Pasaran!”. Each group understood the vital role the others had played on the day and a strong mutual respect was forged. The day finished with a group of 60 to 70 neo-Nazis throwing Nazi salutes in unison before attempting to break into Market Square and attack the anti-fascists who had gathered there. As before, each time the neo-Nazis attacked they were beaten back, on more than one occasion fleeing before feeling the brunt of an anti-fascist counter charge. The only thing halting the fascist retreat was Kent police forming a protective cordon on their behalf.

Winning the battle of ideas, defending each other on the streets

In short, Dover saw the most violent far-right street protest in a generation. Many of the fascists that travelled were not there to simply highlight their views through protest, but to smash their opposition through political violence. This is the material reality in which we now live. The events on the streets of Dover were no accident, they were pre-planned by fascists as demonstrated by the large cache of weapons seized by the cops and confiscated by anti-fascists during confrontations. We can expect to see more fascist violence towards the left in the months ahead, especially if the “migrant crisis” intensifies and the racist backlash grows.

But what happened in Dover was by no means a defeat for the left. Many people realised they were able to collectively defend themselves and each other from naked aggression and the fascists understood that they will not be able to control the streets without contest (and bloodshed). However what we do next is important.

It is obvious that a new ideologically extreme far-right street movement is posing a real threat to the left and marginalised groups. At the same time there is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis taking place in Europe and ongoing imperialism in the Middle East. These are conditions in which the far-right can grow unless the people who can be seduced by fear are instead won by the hope for a better world.

The left must refound its anti-fascism along the lines of working class unity. The idea that our interests and enemies are aligned with those waiting in the migrant camps in Europe must be put forward. This is not to say that we have the same oppression or experience of oppression but instead to say that it is in all of our interests to rid the world of the structural oppression that binds us in chains and profits only a few. It is not good enough to paint fascists as idiots: this ignores the ideological goals which they seek to achieve and ignores the real purpose behind their actions. We need to give an explanation for people’s hunger and fear that apportions blame to the ruling class rather than migrants. We need to win the battle of ideas and be prepared to defend each other on the streets.

We would like to thank everyone who came to Dover or who tried to make it, and stood by their comrades in the face of political violence. You are the anti-fascist movement. Without you neo-Nazis would be able to control the streets uncontested and the left and marginalised groups would find it increasingly difficult to organise. Please get involved in your nearest anti-fascist group, every skill and ability is valued as it can takes months of time and work to organise demonstrations.

No Nazis in Dover / Solidarity with refugees – 30 January 2016

Kent Anti-Racism Network in Dover

Read call out below: français | deutsch

On Saturday 30 January neo-Nazis and violent racists from across the UK will head to the coastal town of Dover for an anti-refugee protest. Far-right groups are trying to exploit the “migrant crisis” to whip up racial hatred and bring about ever-harsher controls on those coming to the UK.

Across Europe the far-right have been organising against refugees and encouraging governments to increase their hostility to migrants. While governments close borders with fences and batons to keep those in need out, fascists fire bomb refugee housing. In the UK fascists have tried to organise their own patrols of trucks entering the country, looking for migrants.

This will be the fourth far-right protest to take place in Dover in the last two years. In September an anti-refugee protest in Dover saw more than 200 neo-Nazis rampage through the town calling for the border to be closed. They tried to attack anti-fascists, throwing bricks into crowds including pregnant women and elderly people. Anti-fascists were more than capable of defending ourselves, but the demo served as a reminder to take seriously the threat of fascist violence.

During this time, immediately across the channel, migrants living miserably in ‘the Jungle’ have to endure sadistic attacks from fascist and the police on a regular basis. As usual, the nationalist far-right took advantage of a series of extremely saddening events to spread its xenophobic venom among people and to scare an economically shaken French working class, viciously achieving historic gains in December’s regional elections.

We are calling on anti-fascists from across Europe to join us in organising mass opposition to the anti-refugee protest on Saturday 30 January, to show solidarity with migrants and prevent an escalation of racist violence.

This mobilisation is part of the global struggle between those who wish to see the murderous divisions of nations, borders, and class further entrenched and fortified with razor wire and racist rhetoric – and those who fight for freedom of movement and solidarity among the exploited, oppressed and excluded of the world.

We will be standing with Kent Anti-Racist Network and a growing list of trade union and community organisations to show working class resistance to the neo-Nazis. A victory in Dover on Saturday 30 January will be a victory for the range of movements involved in this fight back.

Organise, make plans, spread the word and see you on the streets!

London Anti-Fascists / Anti-Fascist Network


London Anti-fascists are organising coaches from London to Dover.

For more details email with SUBJECT LINE: “Coaches2Dover”.

Ils ne passeront pas! Solidarité avec les réfugiés! Douvres 30 janvier 2016

Des néo-nazis et de violentes racistes venants de partout au Royaume-Uni se rendront à la ville côtière de Douvres le 30 janvier prochain afin de protester contre les réfugiées. Les groupes d’extrême-droite britanniques tentent d’exploiter “la crise des migrants” dans l’espoir d’attiser  une “haine raciale” afin que celle-ci entraine un contrôle des frontières encore plus sévère que celui déjà existant pour ceux et celles qui tente d’entrer au pays.

Partout en Europe, l’extrême-droite s’est organisée contre l’arrivée des réfugiés et a encouragé les gouvernements à adopter une attitude hostile à l’endroit des migrants. Pendant que les gouvernements ferment leurs frontières avec des clôtures et bâtonnent ceux et celles dans le besoin pour les garder à l’extérieur de leur territoire, les fascistes attaquent les installations précaire des réfugiées à coup de bombe incendiaire. Ici en Grande-Bretagne, ils ont tenté d’organiser leur propre patrouille frontalière dans le but d’inspecter les véhicules qui entrent au pays à la recherche de migrantes.

Le passage de la manche est sans contredit un lieu que les fascistes privilégient pour imposer leurs idées nauséabondes; cela consistera en la quatrième manifestation d’extrême-droite au cours des deux dernières années à prendre place à Douvres. Lors du dernier rassemblement contre les réfugiées en septembre, Douvres a vu plus de 200 néo-nazis se déchainer à travers la ville, celles et ceux-ci appelant à la fermeture de la frontière britannique. Elles et ils tentèrent d’attaquer les militantes antifascistes présentes, jetant briques et pierres au milieu d’une foule qui incluait des personnes âgées et une femme enceinte. Bien que les camarades antifascistes fussent plus que capable de défendre leur position, cette attaque rappelle qu’il faut prendre la menace fasciste au sérieux.

Pendant ce temps, tout juste sur la rive opposée de la Manche, des migrantes vivent lamentablement dans “La Jungle” et ont à endurer sur une base régulière des attaques sadiques de la part des fascistes et de la police. La droite nationaliste a su comme toujours profiter d’une foule d’évènements extrêmement malheureux pour répandre son venin xénophobe dans la population et pour apeurer  une classe ouvrière française économiquement éprouvée, se glissant  ainsi vicieusement en tête des régionales du décembre dernier. Partout, la droite profite de cette conjoncture tragique pour empoisonner les peuples.

C’est pourquoi samedi le 30 janvier nous appelons nos camarades françaises à nous joindre et a ainsi former une opposition de masse à cette manifestation contre les réfigiés. Cette mobilisation s’inscrit dans une lutte globale entre celles et ceux qui souhaitent voir les divisions meurtrières entre les nations, les frontières et les classes sociales se creuser encore plus, se fortifier avec des barbelés tranchants et se justifier à l’aide de rhétoriques racistes, et entre celles et ceux qui combattent pour  que tous et toutes puissent circuler librement et pour  la solidarité parmi les exploitées, les oppressées et les excluses de ce monde.

Nous nous tiendrons côtes-a-côtes avec Kent Anti-Racist Network, et avec une liste s’allongeant de syndicats et d’organisations communautaires, et ainsi présenter une résistance ouvrière aux néo-nazi. Une victoire à Douvres samedi le 30 janvier sera une victoire pour tous les mouvements impliqués dans ce combat.

Organisons, planifions, propageons le mot! Nous nous verrons dans la rue!

Solidarité Antifasciste,
London Anti-Fascists / Anti-Fascist Network


London Anti-Fascists organisent entraîneurs de Londres à Douvres.

Pour plus de détails email avec la ligne d’objet: “Coaches2Dover”.

Keine Nazis in Dover / Solidarität mit 
den Refugees – 30. Januar 2016

An Samstag, den 30. Januar, werden sich Neonazis und gewalttätige Rassisten aus dem gesamten Vereinigten Königreich in die Küstenstadt Dover für eine Demonstration gegen Refugees kommen. Extrem rechte Gruppen versuchen, die “MigrantInnen-Krise” dafür auszunutzen, rassistischen Hass zu erzeugen und noch strengere Kontrollen gegen Diejenigen durchzusetzen, die ins Vereinigte Köngreich kommen.

In ganz Europa hat die extreme Rechte gegen Refugees organisiert und Regierungen ermutigt, ihre Feindschaft gegenüber Refugees zu verschärfen. Während die Regierungen die Grenzen mit Zäunen und Schlagstöcken schließen, um die Hilfsbedürftigen draußen zu halten, zünden Faschisten Asylantenheime an. Im Vereinigten Königreich haben Faschisten versucht, ihre eigenen Kontrollen von Lastwagen, die ins Land kommen, durchzuführen und nach MigranInnten zu suchen.

Es wird die vierte rechtsextreme Demonstration sein, die in den letzten zwei Jahren in Dover stattgefunden hat. Im September randalierten während einer Anti-Refugee-Demonstration 200 Neonazis durch die Stadt und riefen dazu auf, die Grenze zu schließen. Sie versuchen, AntifaschistInnen anzugreifen und warfen Steine und in die Menge, die schwangere Frauen und ältere Leute umschloss. Die AntifaschistInnen konnten sich verteidigen, aber die Demo diente als Erinnerung, die Gefahr faschistischer Gewalt ernstzunehmen.

In diesem Moment leben unmittelbar über den Kanal MigrantInnen elendig im “Dschungel” und müssen regelmäßig sadistische Angriffe von Faschisten und der Polizei erdulden. Wie üblich zieht die nationalistische extreme Rechte Vorteil aus einer Reihe extrem trauriger Ereignisse, um ihr xenophobes Gift unter die Leute zu bringen und die wirtschaftlich geschwächte französische ArbeiterInnenklasse einzuschüchtern.

Wir rufen AntifaschistInnen aus ganz Europa auf, sich unserer Massenwiderstand gegen die refugee-feindliche Demo an Samstag, den 30. Januar anzuschließen, den Refugees Solidarität zu zeigen und eine Eskalation rassistischer Gewalt zu verhindern.

Diese Mobilisierung ist Teil eines internationalen Kampfs zwischen denen, die die mörderische Trennung zwischen Nationen, Grenzen und Klassen vertieft und mit Stacheldraht verstärkt sehen wollen –  und Denjenigen, die für Bewegungsfreiheit und Solidarität unter den Unterdrückten dieser Welt und Ausgeschlossenen dieser Welt kämpfen.

Wir werden mit dem Kent Anti-Racist Network zusammenstehen und einer wachsenden Liste von Gewerkschaften und örtlichen Organisationen, um den Neonazis ArbeiterInnenwiderstand zu bieten. Ein Sieg in Dover an Samstag, dem 30. Januar, wird ein Sieg für die Reihe der Bewegungen sein, die in diesen Kampf involviert sind.
Organisiert euch, entwerft Pläne, verbreitet die Nachricht und wir sehen uns auf der Straße!

London Anti-Fascists / Anti-Fascist Network


Schreibe eine E-Mail an mit dem BETREFF: “Coaches2Dover”.

Saturday December 5th – Kavala, Greece – London Antifa Solidarity Tour / Talk + Social

London Anti-Fascists are organising a short tour with a comrade from Kavala, Greece to raise awareness and solidarity for their struggle against fascists and state repression.

Anti-fascists in Kavala have been some of the most active in all of Greece, organising demonstrations and actions against neo-nazi groups over the past years.

We are organising this tour as one of the comrades from Kavala is facing serious charges on December 9th and is desperate need for solidarity and financial support.

On Sunday 26th January 2014, a few hours before a scheduled anti-fascist rally, neo-nazis from the “Patriotic Movement” smashed up a shop owned by one well know anti-fascist and attempted to set fire to it, endangering the lives of those inside the building. After the intervention of local residents, as well as people from the surrounding nightclubs, the worst was avoided.

Our comrade, once notified of the attack on his store, went down there to see what had happened. A few moments later some plain-clothes police officers arrived, having been notified by the local residents. At that moment our comrade is informed that before the smashing and arson of his store, a clash had taken place between a group of antifascists and a group of members of the Patriotic Movement. The “Patriotic Movement” were guarding the public space of the Municipal Park to prevent any anti-fascists from attending.

Though refusing to have anything to do with the police, our comrade for the purpose of insurance had to go to the police station. Whilst waiting for 3 hours he was informed that he was arrested for public disturbance. Apparently members of the Patriotic Movement in collusion with the police attempted to put the blame for a previous confrontation on him.

Not only were the Patriotic Movement attempting to control the streets and public spaces, they had after the incident violently attack two youths in a park and then proceeded to work with the police in making this claim against our comrade.

A few hours later the antifascist rally, organised by the Autonomous Collective of Kavala, Vironos 3 squat and individual antifascists, took place in Faliro Park. From the very first moment of the rally, the Park was surrounded by several riot squads (around 8 to 10) and many plain-clothes cops. As soon as the antifascists (150 to 170 people from Kavala and other towns) blocked the road in front of the park, police vans shut off the road, in order to prevent the antifascists to approach the Municipal Park, where at the same time the fascist gathering was being held. Not only neo-nazi Golden Dawn members took part in the fascist gathering, but also other neo-nazi groups, such as the National Socialist Army of Macedonia and other known and unknown fascists from Northern Greece.

After the events of that weekend, two comrades were held in custody for several days and face charges of “disturbance of public order with facial features covered”.

The trial is set for December 9th 2015.

We hope that this tour can further make links between anti-fascists in the AFN and anti-fascists across Greece.


Kavala, Greece – London Antifa Solidarity Tour / Talk + Social

7pm – 11pm
Saturday December 5th
62 Fieldgate Street
E1 1ES

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Response to Dover

Anti-fascists blocking a street

Now that the dust has settled and we have had time to reflect on the demo against the National Front (NF) and their “unity” allies in Dover, we feel the need to respond to some points made on social media about the day’s events promoting fascist actions as “victories”.

Activity on social media plays an important role in the public portrayal of political events and is fundamental to ensuring the reverberations of activity continue to inform and invigorate our movement. When those who moderate blogs and websites publish articles and communiques, they represent, whether they intend to or not, the groups they refer to. Sadly, the greatest victory granted to the fascists at Dover was gained through the unconsidered blogs and loose lips of supposed comrades. Unlike the ideologies and territory that were bitterly fought over on the streets of Dover, a significant consolation was handed to the fascist scum on a silver platter in the form of online words.

On one website, later gleefully picked up by fascist activists, a tumblr blogger writes: ”We can’t kid around or attempt to save face, or obscure the truth for propaganda purposes, AFN (Anti-Fascist Network) were destroyed in Dover today. Six Comrades went to hospital, and if wasn’t for the police it would have been a lot more. We were outnumbered and outgunned by the Fascists, who were up for a fight from moment one, and had the sufficient mix of booze and steroids to be essentially unstoppable”.

The idea that the AFN were “destroyed” in Dover is not only inaccurate, but borders on hysteria. Clearly, the use of the term “destroyed” is not true. The AFN continues to operate; it continues to plan demos and challenge the far-right wherever they go. The “unstoppable” fascist thugs which had the tumblr blogger shaking with fright failed to achieve this supposed annihilation. This false observation, coupled with the inexcusable mention of the number of comrades that were injured in Dover (casualties which were sustained equally on both sides), makes this particular article positively toxic. The dissemination of such material is a godsend to the British far-right not only because it aids in demoralising our own comrades, but because the only imaginable outcome of such information will be its inclusion in fascist propaganda. It is the exact same reason why we publish their wounded after a demo; we should avoid giving them the same ammunition. This kind of language, referring to fascists as “essentially unstoppable” actively glorifies the far-right. It feeds into the exact image they wish to cultivate about themselves. Again, this kind of carelessness serves no other purpose but to help the fascists write long, self-aggrandising Stormfront posts; something we could all do without.

In terms of the events of the day, there is also need for clarification. Summing up the face of anti-fascism in Dover, as some have tried, as a brawl in a car park between groups of white men is simply outrageous. Firstly, to paint everyone who confronted the fascists that day as “just a bunch of white guys”, is lazy and disrespectful to those who do not fit that category. It is also simply untrue. Secondly, what this stance fails to recognise is that the police were overwhelmingly concerned with anti-fascists; their backs turned to the fascists as they hurled projectiles into the crowd. Not only did we have to contend with the NF and a multitude of EDL splinter groups, but also the Dover police. Considering this, we were still able to break through several kettles and hold the line against the NF as they pressed against us. At any time the NF could have rushed past the very thin police line surrounding them, but they didn’t. Instead they threw bricks and bottles while the police had their backs turned, and we still gave them hell. This is far from being destroyed.

It’s easy to divide demos into black and white categories: defeat or victory. The reality is of course that these events are more complex. They have to be analysed carefully and objectively, in a way which broadens and strengthens our future actions. This process happens internally between comrades, within our movement. We do not shout at the top of our lungs our emotional reactions to a demo that didn’t end up a resounding success. We discuss and debrief while aiming to avoid making anti-fascism into entertainment. That, we believe, is the most secure and ultimately constructive thing to do. London Anti-fascists recognise that this has been a sticking point. In future we make a commitment to follow up fully on larger actions by facilitating more open dialogue with everyone who has attended actions we have organised. We should encourage participation and criticism, but in the most effective channels.

We oppose fascism because their organisation and existence is a threat to our revolutionary class-struggle. Fascism is a threat to that project and when we are in solidarity with migrants, minorities, LGBTQs, left radicals etc, it is because our interests and objectives intersect. That’s what solidarity is: standing shoulder to shoulder, united in common struggle. To those who unilaterally project their grievances into the internet, we say this: do not treat anti-fascist events like a tourist, writing a bad TripAdvisor review when dissatisfied with your experience. Any action that challenges the cruel front-line of state and fascism creates a range of eventualities – sometimes it means dodging bricks. They aren’t all going to be like Liverpool, and to expect otherwise would be short-sighted.

Always militant! Always anti-fascist!
London Anti-fascists