Gearing up to oppose the March for England. Brighton April 21st

The blog has been quiet for little while and that’s because we have been working hard on getting everyone out for April 21st to oppose the March for England. This event has become the biggest antifascist mobilization of the year anticipating that the opposition who are a multitude of confused uber patriots and nazis are coming back for revenge due to being on the receiving end of community direct action last year. Yes these people can’t understand that Brighton doesn’t want these people here spewing poison that benefits frankly no one especially the crowd that the EDL and the like seeks to recruit also those immigrant communities that these people try to prey on. The cat really is out the bag this year too Dave Smeeton who pathetically tries to veil this parade as a family friendly march of patriots has been going round the country cap in hand to various Nazis and violent nationalists round the country with a view to sweet talk them into coming down.This fact proves Smeeton’s defence of the march is flimsy as hell and that all he wants is a kick off with the reds on their home turf, sounds like a family friendly march my arse!! So now we know notorious bad street fighters ‘casual united’ are promising to come down to Brighton again also London’s favourite Nazi satanist Eddie Stanton is also promising to come down and bring his goons looking for trouble. These people are only coming to Brighton to try and cause trouble they could have this march elsewhere but they keep coming to Brighton. They chose Brighton because it is they can’t stand that it’s tolerant/free thinking/arty/spirited/accepting/alternative and proud of it!! Last year their march got disrupted and this year it’s gonna happen again. So see you there and come support the residents of Brighton against the march for england.
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