London Anti-Fascists is an activist network that fights fascism on the basis of direct action and working-class politics. It is part of the national Anti-Fascist Network.


Any level of fascist organisation represents a physical threat to BME people, LGBT people, Disabled people, and working-class organisations. Therefore, direct confrontation through collective action is necessarily to prevent fascists from organising.

This means mobilising to confront and disrupt all types of fascist organisation – including marches, demonstrations, meetings, and gigs.

Collective direct action means relying on our own strength as working-class activists. LAF opposes state bans on far-right organisations and actions. We cannot rely on the police to confront fascism for us; the state is not a neutral political actor and will use mass detention and arrest to undermine effective anti-fascist organising.


We believe that racism and fascism have social roots. Far-right organisations, while often politically led by rich or middle-class elements, are able to grow by exploiting senses of powerlessness, disenfranchisement, and injustice felt by white working-class people and providing political answers which blame immigrants and non-white people for social problems.

Effective anti-fascism must understand those social roots and offer a politics based on working-class unity and solidarity against our real enemy – bosses and their state. Anti-fascism which ties working-class people to mainstream politicians in defence of the status quo is politically bankrupt.


To confront and disrupt any level of fascist organisation to the greatest extent of our capabilities

To organise independently of the state, and against it wherever necessary

To be part of a wider working-class movement that aims to provide anti-racist and anti-capitalist answers to the social problems which far-right organisations exploit

Anyone who agrees with these aims and principles can be considered for membership of London Anti-Fascists.

Enquiries: ldnantifascists@riseup.net

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