Boycott Cakes N’ Treats – Vegan Cake Shop in Camden

London Anti-Fascists were notified in September 2013 by local residents who had raised concerns about the link between the premises and the new owner Kim Kalkowski (aka Kim Wonderland). They were raised after several people from Germany had posted allegations about her links to Neo-Nazis on the Facebook event she had created to publicise the opening of their new “Cakes n Treats” shop on Pratt Street, Camden.

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New community led anti-fascist coalition to stop the South East Alliance‏

After the successful blockade by anti-fascists of the neo-Nazi infested
S.E.A. march in Cricklewood on June 14th, a new community led anti-fascist
coalition has been launched to mobilise again to counter there planned
march on Saturday July 19th. The North West London United (NWL United)
coalition has been set-up by the local Trades Council, Paddington RMT,
London Anti-Fascists, North London Antifa and Brent and Harrow UAF.

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