Latest Info on Slough demo

Anti-Fascist Network

With only 3 days to go, things are beginning to shape up with the Slough demo against the ailing EDL. London Anti-Fascists and Berkshire Anti-Fascists have been very busy leafletting in the town and talking to locals as well as organising numbers of people to come from outside Slough.

The route of the EDL march has been announced and also UAF and the local Trades Council have announced a counter-demo in town.

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How anti-immigrant myths serve the bosses

The relentless diet of anti-migrant hysteria served by the mainstream press for the past few months has been staggering, even by their standards. The Daily Express in particular outdid itself, promising a “crusade” against Bulgarian and Romanian immigration.

But as a study in the Guardian showed, there’s rarely much of a correlation between the headlines and the reality. The study showed that headlines about migrants have increase out of all proportion to the actual levels of immigration, which have tended to rise only slowly, and with the occasional dip.

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From London to Slough – Coaches announced!

In just over a week, the Anti-Fascist Network will mobilise to oppose the English Defence Leagues first national demonstration of the year in Slough on the 1st February 2014. We are calling on all anti-fascists in London to come with us to Slough to support the locally organised counter demonstration which will take place at 11am Salt Hill Park. Its important that we continue the pressure against the EDL, and other far-right and racist organisations, and that we close down their space to move and cause division amongst working class people.

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