Greek Embassy Demo saturday 19th January.

This demo has been called in solidarity with Greek antifa who have been going through a long hard slog of a struggle over the past year at least. Numerous actions have been carried out in the name of wiping Golden dawn off the streets and to get people to be critical of bullshit fascist politics. So on that note we are heading to the embassy on Saturday to show solidarity and that we back every action that they have done but not forgetting that the fight domestically here is not over either especially as there is a counter demo that has been called by ‘the English friends of golden dawn’. So come down and join us and be part of the autonomous antifascist demo presence on Saturday. Please if your going remember to stay in a group for your own safety as all sorts of nefarious nazis maybe crawling all over notting hill on the day. Also as there is going to be a counter demo, perhaps best go there expecting football match style policing. Last but not least there’s gonna be alot of unfreindly cameras there like the fit cops and the fash. So stay safe and see you on saturday!

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